Let’s get more women speakers at Mobile World Congress!

WiTT is very pleased to pass on the following message from Candace Johnson and Bridget Cosgrave of GTWN, the Global Telecoms Women’s Network, regarding speaking opportunities at the 2013 Mobile World Congress:

“It is with great pleasure that we are sending below to each of you the ‘Call for Speakers/Papers for the 2013 Mobile World Congress’ we received from John Hoffman of the GSMA.

We very much hope that each of you will respond to this important call for speakers/papers with a suggestion from your part.

Anne Bouverot, the GSMA CEO and Member of the Board who was our guest of honor and speaker at the 20th Anniversary Gala in Barcelona this last February had promised that she would do her utmost to make certain that there were more women speakers and panelists at the MWC and she is holding to her promise with this email.

Let each one of us do everything we can to try and submit a paper to speak.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were more women speakers than men speakers at the MWC 2013?

Let us make it happen !  Submit a paper yourself, suggest that a (femaie)  colleague also submit a paper.  Let us change the face of the MWC!

With kindest regards,

Bridget Cosgrave and Candace Johnson


The invitation from John Hoffman:

Dear Candace,

The 2013 Mobile World Congress Call for Papers

<http://s667.t.en25.com/e/er?s=667&lid=19069&elq=96556db0691b47e8bba545f7653d0573> is now open, and we invite you to submit your proposals for participation in the mobile industry’s “must-attend” event.

As always, the conference programme at Mobile World Congress reflects the latest developments shaping the mobile industry today and into the future. The 2013 conference will feature presentations from the most prominent companies and individuals in mobile, as well as experts from other industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, financial services and healthcare, among others.

Over four days, Mobile World Congress will showcase the innovation and impact of mobile around the globe, across developed and developing markets.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 conference programme will examine topic areas such as:




*Business Models – Segmentation and Pricing

*Cloud Services

*Converged Networks

*Devices – Mass Market Devices and Media Tablets

*Economic/Social Impact of Mobile

*Embedded Mobile – Automotive, Consumer Electronics

*Enterprise Strategies

*Intelligent Networks

*Internet Services

*Location-based Services

*Mobile Health

*Mobile Innovation

*Mobile Money

*Near Field Communication (NFC)

*Network Management Strategies

*Next-Generation Networks

*Retail in Mobile


*Social Media

*Strategies for Growth – Joint Ventures, M&A


We look forward to your participation in Mobile World Congress 2013.

Best regards,

John Hoffman