WiTT Members’ Event: A Visit to Hugh Lowe Farms

Following our event in January on Technology in Agriculture (https://www.wittgroup.org/events/trends-in-agtech/), Marion Regan, who spoke at the event and is the Managing Director of Hugh Lowe Farms, has invited WiTT members to visit the farm to see how they use technology.

Hugh Lowe Farms

Hugh Lowe Farms (https://www.hughlowefarms.com/), is a family-owned and -run business in the Weald of Kent. Marion Regan is the third generation to run the farm since it was started in 1893. The farm grows mainly berries (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries) but also has a vineyard and some arable crops. When WiTT paid a visit in early June, the farm had picked and processed 20 tons of fruit – not a particularly heavy day according to the packhouse manager! The farm supplies Wimbledon and many of the major supermarkets with top-class berries throughout the season.

When Marion spoke to WiTT in January she explained how the farm has embraced technology to ensure its future. This includes the experimental use of robots for picking strawberries, computer-controlled irrigation systems, pest managements systems including biological control, the use of sensors to monitor microenvironments and the use of high-tech propagation techniques. The farm is also experimenting with new fruit varieties and has strong sustainability credentials. 

After lunch we will visit the farm to see the robots at work, the strawberry fields, the propagation activity, the packhouse and much more!

This event is currently for WiTT members only. If you are not a member but are interested in the event please email info@wittgroup.org.