Lessons from Leading Women Tech Entrepreneurs

The November meeting of Women in Telecoms & Technology (WiTT) celebrated women entrepreneurs in tech with a panel discussion among leading women who have founded, grown, sold, and promoted businesses in the tech sector. Our women entrepreneurs event was timed to take place immediately before Global Entrepreneurship Week, which runs from 16-22 November this year.

Audrey Mandela, WiTT Chair and co-founder of Multimap.com, chaired the panel. Our speakers included:

  • Alina Lapusneanu, CEO and Co-founder, Fiskl;
  • Amy Williams, Founder and CEO, Good-Loop; and
  • Dr Fotini Markopoulou, CEO, Empathic Technologies.

Our panel discussed their views and experiences, including:
•          panelists’ own challenges in starting and growing (and in some cases selling) their businesses;
•          best and worst decisions made while building their businesses;
•          whether panelists believe there are differences between male and female entrepreneurs, the types of businesses they start, their management styles, and their experiences raising capital;
•          views on scaling up businesses started in the UK; and
•          advice for other women entrepreneurs.

The video from the WiTT is now up on the WiTT YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/XuqJim_4mtM.

The WiTT Board
Annette, Audrey, Helen, Michelle, Stephanie and Yasmeen


Amy Williams
Founder & CEO

Amy is on a mission to convert people’s attention and data into funding for good causes around the world. She co-founded Good-Loop in 2016 after turning her hand from advertising at Ogilvy to volunteering at a soup-kitchen in Argentina. Today working with the likes of Nestlé, Unilever, the Co-Op, Coca-Cola and H&M, Amy’s ‘ethical ad platform’ rewards consumers who choose to engage with advertising by donating to their chosen charity, whilst delivering better ROI for advertisers. It’s Yin Yang; a win-win. Amy is one of Forbes Europe’s 30 under 30, Ad Age’s 2020 Women to Watch Europe, listed as part of the BIMA 100 and a face of the United Nations #SheInnovates global campaign.


Alina Lapusneanu
CEO & Co-Founder

Alina Lapusneanu is the CEO & Co-founder of Fiskl, a mobile-first SaaS platform enabling small business owners worldwide to run their business and teams from anywhere, with the power of automation, machine intelligence and cloud computing. Prior to Fiskl, Alina held a variety of roles: Vodafone Group Director for mobile products and Vodafone Head of global products and platforms; senior product positions in Siemens Mobile and Sprint in USA as well as Board roles in Unipart Technologies and Kinseed Limited.


Fotini Markopoulou-Kalamara
Co-founder and CEO
Empathic Technologies


Fotini is co-founder and CEO of Empathic Technologies, creating our Emotional Second Skin. Intuitive, adaptable, soothing wearable technology to enhance and balance our experience and life. These haptic wearables use cutting edge research in embodied cognition and neuroscience to naturally intervene in the feedback loop between our body and our brain to bring us to our desired state of mind easily, just like a second skin. Empathic Technologies’ first product, doppel, reduces stress, when you need it, anywhere, any time.

Fotini was a founding member and faculty at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, one of the premier institutes on the frontiers of theoretical physics. She has been a visiting professor at MIT and the Santa Fe Institute, as well as Humboldt fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Berlin. Her work in physics focuses on quantum cosmology, complex systems and networks.  Her design work is on the interface between systems design and personal experience.