A Night at the Movies: Tech Talks

WiTT’s June meeting featured a screening of selected presentations from TED, TED Global, TEDx and other events that looked at how women use, influence, and create technology and technology-based solutions. 

We were back in the Cinema in the Courthouse Hotel Soho. 

We watched and discussed these talks:

Nina McNeely
Once There Was III

Nina McNeely uses dance, visual art, animation, sound (and more) to create extraordinary, enveloping sensory experiences. This piece was performed at this year’s TED. Although that video isn’t up yet, the performance can be found on YouTube:


“Three women bound to a shared soul oscillating between the throes of brutality and piety. A visceral display of true sisterhood- they suffer together, thrive together and bleed together. This piece was performed with live projection mapping.”

Music- Recurse by Umru, Surcharge by Umru + Warpstr, Linkrot by Umru Dancers- Karen Chuang, Angel Mammoliti,  Diana Schoenfield  Costumes- LVDF Design DP- Nathan Kim Projection tech- Quin Cabalquinto Commissioned by Entity Contemporary Dance Director, Choreographer,  Animator- Nina McNeely


Sarah Ellis
Technology and the Future of Theatre

Sarah delivers this talk on a virtual stage. It includes material she hinted at when she spoke for us in January 2020.



Agnes Larsson
The Awesome Potential of Many Metaverses
TED 2022

From TED: “Agnes Larsson brings happiness and inspiration to millions of Minecraft players as they explore the open-ended creation game, block by block.

In the multitude of metaverses that exist there are infinite possibilities for inclusivity and creativity. Inviting us to craft our own digital universes, Minecraft’s game director Agnes Larsson shares how the experience of building and sharing metaverses can foster dialogue, friendship and trust — pointing to the meaningful impact virtual worlds can have on the real world.|



Gala Marija Vrbanic
The new reality of fashion is digital

From TED: “Gala Marija Vrbanic is a leader in the field of contactless and cyber fashion.

Picking an outfit? Take inspiration from this thrilling talk about digital fashion: the new, weird and wonderful world of fashion designed for our virtual worlds. Watch as Gala Marija Vrbanic, a leader in this emerging field, showcases what you could wear across your digital channels — be it TikTok, Instagram or in the metaverse — and shares how it could infinitely expand the creative possibilities of fashion, identity and self-expression.|



Aicha Evans
Your self-driving robotaxi is almost here
TEDMonterey. August 2021

From TED: “We’ve been hearing about self-driving cars for years, but autonomous vehicle entrepreneur Aicha Evans thinks we need to dream more daringly. In this exciting talk, she introduces us to robotaxis: fully autonomous, eco-friendly shuttles that would take you from place to place and take up less space on the streets than personal cars. Learn how this new technology works — and what a future where we hail robotaxis would look like.”

(Aichatou Sar Evans, known professionally as Aicha Evans, is an American chief executive officer of Amazon’s self-driving car subsidiary Zoox. In June 2020, Evans led the acquisition of her company by Amazon for US$1.3 billion.)



Alicia Chong Rodriguez
A smart bra for better heart health
TEDMonterey August 2021

“Could an everyday clothing item help protect your health? In this quick talk, TED Fellow Alicia Chong Rodriguez introduces us to a smart bra designed to gather real-time data on biomarkers like heartbeat, breath and temperature. Learn how this life-saving gadget could help close the gender gap in cardiovascular research — and, finally, usher women’s health care into the 21st century.”


Robin Hauser
The likability dilemma for women leaders
From TEDxMarin 2019

From TED: “Robin Hauser is an unconscious bias and D,E, & I keynote speaker, TED speaker and award-winning director of documentary films at Finish Line Features.  Her films and speeches illuminate pressing societal issues such as equality, financial savviness, the gender gap in tech, implicit bias, and the likability dilemma.  Robin is a diplomat for the American Film Showcase and has presented at The White House, NASA, SXSW, Google, Amazon and at US Embassies worldwide.”

Stephanie and Audrey met Robin at Mobile World Congress just after she’d finished her documentary, CODE, which exposes the dearth of American female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap. CODE raises the question: what would society gain from having more women and minorities code?