Trends in Medtech

From the use of robots in surgery to new materials for wound management, from the use of mobile apps to help us all monitor our health to the use of virtual reality to assist people with prosthetic limbs, from the use of AI in diagnostics to 3D printing of organs, technology is changing and enhancing the world of medicine and health care. As a result of the growing imbalance between the demands for health care, our expectation of excellent outcomes, and the ability to deliver these, there is an ever-increasing need for innovation and new approachesto improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of services to help bridge the gap.

WiTT has put together a panel of experts in this vast and complex field who will guide us through some of the latest trends in Medtech developments and provide insights into the use of AI and digital to enhance the way that healthcare is organised and delivered. The event will begin with introductions and a short talk by each panel member, followed by discussion and Q&A.

Our panel will be chaired by Annette Nabavi, WiTT board director and NED at Maintel Holdings. She will be joined by:

  • Pam Garside, Partner at Newhealth, Fellow Judge Business School, University of Cambridge;
  • Rayna Patel, Co-Founder, Vine Health;
  • Hélène Viatge, CEO, Bioinduction and
  • Karen Taylor, Director, Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions.

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