Inspiring Tech Talks

WiTT’s October meeting featured a screening of selected presentations from TED, TED Global, and TEDx events that looked at how women use, influence, and create technology and technology-based solutions. We were back in the fantastic Cinema in the Courthouse Hotel.

The evening started with networking and welcome drinks in the hotel bar.

We then screened and discussed the following talks:

Simone Giertz: Why you should make useless things


Giada Gerboni: The incredible potential of flexible, soft robots


Jaron Lanier, How we need to remake the internet


Poppy Crum: Technology that knows what you’re feeling


Tamekia MizLadi Smith: How to train employees to have difficult conversations


Frances Frei: How to build (and rebuild) trust


And although we didn’t screen this talk, we’d also recommend taking a look at UK entrepreneur Jess Butcher’s TEDx talk, here: