January 2018: Tech in Fashion

Tech has hit the fashion sector in so many different ways. While on-line shopping —the largest and most influential tech change the sector has seen — is convenient, it can also be frustrating and confusing. How do you find what you want on-line and how do you have any idea whether or not it will look right on you? Can you be sure it will fit?

And while the retail side of fashion is important, there are also amazing things going on in the development of new fabrics and the construction of garments, driven by the use of and incorporation of technology. From show pieces like the IBM Watson Cognitive dress and the Lady Gaga Flying Dress to fabrics that light up, sense what’s going on, or allow you to customize them in real time, there is no end to the innovations in fashion.

At WiTT’s January 22nd 2018 event we screened short videos of some of these garments and fabrics to give a feel for the range of innovation that’s out there, and heard from fascinating group of speakers:

Sanja Vukelic, the inventor and designer of the SDress, a garment designed with no seams, buttons or zips
Brooke Roberts-Islam, founder, Brooke Roberts Innovation Agency (BRIA)
Anne Prahl, Research, Trend and Design Consultant, Concept + Design, and
Tom Adelooya, the CEO of Metail, one of the UK’s leading companies in online retail, on our panel for what we think will be a very exciting evening.

A video of the panel can be found on the WiTT YouTube channel.

Here are copies of the speakers’ presentations:

Metail – WiTT Jan 18

Brooke Roberts-Islam – BRIA – WiTT Jan18

sDress – WiTT Jan 18

Anne Prahl WiTT Jan 18